Home Design: Introduction

As aesthetically pleasing and easy to install as drywall is, some people don’t want their entire home done in it.  Here are some of the options which beautifully complement drywall installations:


brickA brick wall will add a whole lot of character to a room in your home or your office. Brick also adds value to your property as it is both highly-coveted and unique.


There are still some people who prefer the textured look of plaster and would prefer it in some of the rooms of their house. Thanks to improved technologies, plaster installation has become a little easier and drying times are quicker as well. If you want to give a room of your house a traditional country look, you might want to consider plaster walls.

Wood Paneling


Wood panels are easy to install and come with a great number of finishes. Great for retro styles and feature settings.



Tile comes in many shapes, styles and designs and is becoming increasingly popular in areas where mold is a concern. For example, tile can be a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms and even in sterile environments like laboratories, hospitals and in doctor’s offices.

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